Here is a small overview on our framework. Please give us a call (+49 8571 5300) or write an email for further information. The price for our work you will find in the pricelist. If you are interested in more, you can get a catalog, unfortunately it is only available in german language at the moment.
frame reinforcement
nothing can harm a strong frame  

Reinforcing main- and rearframe does not only improve the live expectancy of your frame, but will also get rid of flexing while driving. Every changes to your frame will be documented by our company. A reinforced frame is the basis for a long swing arm and forks like the WP-Suspension upside down (295 mm travel) or the Marzocchi Magnum (285 mm travel).

price: about 650EUR incl. VAT

shock absorbers
HPN-shock absorbers and forks
forks / shock absorbers
longer travel - maximum stress 

Especially built for HPN-motorbikes: Fork and shock absorbers from WP-Suspension or forks from Marzocchi. We can deliver all the accessoires to fit them to your bike. Give us a call and we will find the best solution together - phone + 49 8571 5300. Even for the serial GS we have the right solution, like fork inlets, that bring the technic of a Marzocchi Magnum to your serial fork.

Attention: Using a longer fork and a longer swing arm requires a reinforced frame.

welded HPN swing arm, optional for Sport/Rallyesport model
swing arms
longer travel - maximum stress, even in the back

Using a longer front fork requires more travel in the back. A longer swing arm will be necessary. There are different ways:

  • a long swing arm, like in the BMW G/S. The HPN swing arm is 100mm longer, than the original. See HPN-Baja or HPN-Adventure
  • same as above, but with a second arm, for maximum stress. See HPN-Paris-Dakar
  • swing arm of the R1100GS in the frame of a R80/100GS or GS Basic: See HPN-Sport or (even stronger - the welded aluminum type) HPN-Rallyesport.

Phone us: +49 8571 5300

the solution to your braking problems

Dissatisfied with the BMW drum-brake ? The floating HPN-cam fits this problem. You want to change the lever in upside position ? No problem. We offer a lot of different solutions - phone us or write an email to

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