HPN 23l Fuel Tank

Our goal was the combination of adequate range with excellent ergonomics and no loss in the good Off Road abilities and beautiful look of the original HP2. The manufacturer of the BMW stock tanks like the 1200GS Adventure is building our fuel tank at the same quality level out of same type of Polyethylene.
It meets all standards like BMW product. You can use the fuel capacity to the very last litre by using the original fuel pump, fuel gage and rollover valve. Mid and side covers are available in either carbon fibre composite with a clear epoxy coating, glass fibre composite with the original HP2 indigo blue or glass fibre composite natural to do the paintjob of your own choice.
A 30% more efficient oil cooler is part of our package and reduces the engine temperature significantly under hot conditions. The position underneath the steering head combines good heat dissipation with low centre of gravity and protection against mud and gravel. It also reduces the heating of your left knee.
TÜV certificate is part of the delivery, ABE in preparation.

HPN Fuel Tank HP2 with all necessary parts, Oil Cooler, Carbon Fibre covers. #16.300
HPN Fuel Tank HP2 with all necessary parts, Oil Cooler Glass Fibre covers painted indigo blue #16.301

HPN Fuel Tank HP2 with all necessary parts, Oil Cooler Glass Fibre covers natural #16.302
Oil Cooler relocation kit

You can install the oilcooler with 30% increased cooling capacity on your HP2 without changing the fuel tank too. Recommended for street use with high air temperatures.
Oil Cooler relocation kit #17.400
Titanium Exhaust system Akrapovic
for BMW HP2 and R1200GS

Immaculate optics, wonderful boxer sound with substantially increased power and torque and a weight reduction of 4,70kg are combined with very narrow mounted headers alongside of the engine. Those are the facts of this beautiful exhaust. We tested it in all sports events worldwide like Baja California, Pikes Peak Colorado (4200m above sea level), Erzberg Rodeo Austria and numerous Cross Country events. No changes in engine mapping required. But: No catalyser, no homologation but a noise level that is tolerable. Comes with threads for the lambda probes, dB-killer, springs and carbon fibre heat shield. (fits 1200GS also, weight reduction 6,70kg)

Titanium Exhaust Akrapovic #18.800
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Guard for Throttle Housing assembly

Under racing conditions you have to improve even a good bike like the HP2 to be competitive. The guards for the throttle housing assembly were created during the first racing season and have been so successful that we have seen the first imitations around.
With their race proven optics you get the maximum of protection for the throttle valve switch and throttle housing assembly with a minimum of weight.

Set of Guard for Throttle Housing assembly #13.400


Hand Protector Carbon

The original hand protectors do not guard your hands or clutch- and brake lever good enough. The Hand Protector Carbon avoids bruised fingers, bent levers and leaking brake- or clutch sealing rings during the heat of the race.

Hand Protector Carbon #51.030


Front Wheel 21x1,65 Tube Type Rim

Developed under racing conditions with top riders and top material this wheel grew to the top level in all characteristics. The Behr Saxess tube type rim in combination with strong spokes offers max. rigidness in combination with low weight.

Front Wheel 21x1,65 Behr Saxess HP2 #36.700


Rear Wheel 18x2,50 Tube Type rim

Take your choice out of the big number of Off Road tires in 18”. The special edition rear wheel with the magnificent Saxess rim produced by Behr makes it possible for you. Caution: With certain tire sizes contact between mudguard and tire is possible.

Rear Wheel 18x2,50 Behr Saxess HP2 #36.800


Injection Valve with Wiring and Plug

We hide the bulky and sensitive plugs within the frame without changing the main wiring harness. Damages due to crashes or collisions with branches etc. are more unlikely and the failure risk is significantly reduced. The electric connections are soldered and cast in and extremely sturdy. (Fits all other 1200cc boxers)

Throttle Valve with Wiring and Plug HP2 #13.250
Drosselklappenschalter mit Kabel und Stecker

The throttle valve plug is extremely exposed to damage during Off Road riding. For this reason we move the plug inside the frame also. It makes the intake manifold looking much more cleaned up. The electric connections are soldered and cast in and extremely sturdy. (Available for 1200GS also)

Throttle Valve with Wiring and Plug HP2 #13.270
Injection Valve Fixture

Produced from aircraft aluminium and blue anodized is it much more sturdy than the plastic original part. At the GCC race in Reisersberg 2005 Simon Kirssi hit a branch that unlucky that it damaged the original plastic part. It spoiled a good race and filled his boot with gasoline also. He didn’t enjoy that too much, besides the danger of the bike bursting into flames.

njection Valve Fixture (2 pieces) #13.200
Reinforced Drive Shaft

One additional rubber part (5 instead of 4 ) gives you 25% more torque and power that the drive shaft can stand. It makes sure that the drive shaft does not give up under high temperatures and high loads. It’s a must for the ambitious rider that wants to use the high potential of the HP2.

Reinforced Drive Shaft HP2 #26.500
Frame Reinforcements

You can push the HP2 frame to its limits too. We have the sport tested solution for this problem. The front frame gets his job done in the steeringhead area, the rear frame becomes strengthened in the footrest mount area and the crosstubes. We check all important dimensions and if necessary straighten them to the design figures. After that cure the frame stands even S.Kirssi.
Caution: If the frame has cracked we cannot do the job any more, you need a new frame part then.

Frame Reinforcements BMW HP2
front- and rear frame #03.120

Sandblasting BMW HP2
front- and rear frame #02.101.53

Resin Powder Coating BMW HP2
front- and rear frame #02.101.12

Paint Job BMW HP2
front- and rear frame in 953 indigo blue #02.101.19