BMW HP2 Enduro
looking at it you get the BMW R900RR and HPN into your mind. From development to the racing activities of the BMW Team at "Baja California", "Erzberg Rodeo", Pikes Peak "Race to the Clouds" and German-, Austrian-, and Italian Cross Country, HPN is involved. We prepare and optimise those bikes and take care of them at the race site.

Those improvements are part of the good results with all our international drivers like Jimmy Lewis, Simon Kirssi, Chris Pfeiffer, Beau Hayden, J. Street, D. Donatony, Peter Postel, Tony Megla, Chuck Dempsey, C. Jarrow, S. Eckert, G. Forster. The results show the excellent work done by all partners. Upgrade your individual HP2 or BMW 1200GS with our race proven accessories.

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